Resolution Problem?

Small dots of colour are used to make most pictures on screen. There are a certain number of dots or pixels used to create each picture. So it will come as no surprise when HD Pixel Print lets you know that the higher the number of pixels used the better quality of printing received. It will also allow you to have the option of printing your picture on a larger scale without any risk of distortion. That is because if a picture has a lower number of pixels but is enlarged too far it will start to appear blurry and distort.

But my Picture/Logo looks fine on screen?

At HD Pixel Print we have some customers who believe their logo looks fine on their computer screen. As a screen displays at 72dpi (dots per inch) you would need to consider commercial press prints to 300dpi (also a different type of dpi compared to consumer printers!). If you are wondering how a press would print your logo or picture, zoom in on your screen to 400%, or display the image four times as large as you would like it to appear when it has been printed. This should help you to see how your chosen image will appear.

Please note: If a picture can be seen clearly at 4 times the intended printing size it should print without any visual problems occurring.

JPEG at 72dpi

dpi example 72dpi

JPEG at 300dpi

dpi example 300dpi
The Solution?

1. Replace – The best solution for you is to replace the logo/picture that is creating an issue with one that is of a higher resolution or is vector based. If you are searching for better resolution files then there are some good places to check for instance; your web designer. You could also look to see if you have any old professionally produced proofs from printers and electronic versions of corporate documents. Logos are usually in a .ai illustrator file or .eps format.

2. Resize – Sometimes you can get away with making your picture or logo smaller which can help to reduce pixilation. Please remember you can zoom in by 400% to check quality however this isn’t always ideal.

3. Rebuild – Unfortunately pictures cannot always be rebuilt and this is by far the most complex and more expensive option. With logos it may be possible to rebuild your design, however it is more expensive due to a lot of design time being needed. Should you choose this option please get in touch and we will be able to provide you with a free quote.

4. You could Risk it/Regret it – HD Pixel Print can print your artwork as it is, however, you must sign your consent for us to go ahead with sending it down to print. Obviously we would not recommend this and we cannot be held responsible once your consent has been given.