Printing Size Guide

The table below is based on printing a portrait document at 300 dots per inch which will print at high quality. The following two pages, we have provided a size chart for both flyers and posters, which will show you the proportional difference in size based on an A4 page (standard paper 29.7cm x 21.0cm).

Printing Bleed Guide

When graphics continue to the edge of a sheet of paper bleed is required. This is because a commercial printing press cannot print to the edge of a sheet of paper. Instead multiple products are printed on much larger sheets of paper and then cut down to size.

Printing Resolution Guide

Most pictures on a screen are made up from small dots of colour. Each picture is made up by a certain number of dots or pixels. Quite simply the higher the number of pixels the higher quality the picture and the larger it can be displayed or printed without distorting.

Printing Colour Guide

This guide details the differences between RGB and CMYK colour gamuts, explaining why CMYK should be used for commercially printed documents and finally showing how to check colour settings in various popular software packages.