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Mobile Search

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Are you losing potential customers?

If your current site is not mobile friendly you will be losing hundreds of potential customers due to the changes in the way Google indexes your site.
Perhaps the most important thing to come from Google’s Mobile-First Index announcement is that it would be splitting its index between mobile and desktop. Creating a separate mobile index means that the mobile index will become the primary Google index and that the desktop index will not be kept as up-to-date as the mobile one.
So, historically, Google has used what’s known as a desktop user agent to look in on websites. But, with the introduction of the Mobile-First Index, Google will instead make its way to your site to check relevance and so on, as a mobile user.

It’s all about Mobile Search

Google revealed back in 2015 the changing situation in terms of mobile versus desktop search. They announced that more than 50% of searches globally are done on smartphones and that more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries, including the U.S. and Japan. (Google, 2015)
65% of smartphone users say when searching via their smartphone they go for the most relevant information irrespective of the company providing the information. (Google, 2015)
5% of mobile sites take over 10 seconds to load.
53% of mobile users abandon the site 3 seconds into loading.
These stats tell a story. If your mobile site isn’t up to scratch, and you’re not supplying a good mobile user experience, you will lose potential customers to competitors who are.
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Mobile Search
Are you losing potential customers?